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To choose the Czech Republic for your hunting tour means the chance to visit more than 5,500 free hunting grounds or nearly 200 game preserves (game preserve area can be here as small as 50 hectares and as large as 4,000 hectares). Total hunting grounds covering almost 70,000 square kilometers which is not less than 80% of the entire area of this central European country! The total area of all game preserves reaches nearly 50,000 hectares. We like statistics to be true, and you can imagine that we have invited you to a hunting paradise.

This country can be proud to offer the best world trophies of Mouflon, Fallow deer and since the recent past also Sika Japanese (culled in January 2016). You can expect unprecedented quality regarding trophy hunting of Red-deer stag and Roe-buck, the population of Wild Boar has in many areas grown to extreme numbers, and it promises successful results in the driven hunt, as well as the very prosperous hunting of trophy tuskers. The trophy hunting offer is of course never ending for theabove mentioned game. We can offer to you the hunting of Dybowski´s Sika deer, White-tailed deer etc. Don´t forget the exceptional rare options for hunting special color variants of the game e. g. white "red" deer, or several color variants of fallow deer.

How about bird shooting? Let´s start with duck. You can have great fun by collective shooting of mallards, but you´ll be impressed by our pheasant shooting with our worldwide known Czech pheasantries. But of course, there are many options for other kinds of hunting. Non-trophy hunting for females and adolescents of the above mentioned trophy game... Your choice is up to you.... And we will bring you closer to your successful hunting trip in the Czech Republic.


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